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Web App Expression (wAEX)

The command syntax uses profile security to allow any command to execute from any application. Structure

    /Appname/Entity/Name --sw=value ~~sw=value

Console App Expression (cAEX)

Console commands are executed using scripts based on the development cycle number. The following commands are available:

file description example
v0.phpsh Release level console commands. v0.phpsh /App/Entity/Name
v1.phpsh Same as v0.phpsh using beta level console commands. v1.phpsh /App/Entity/Name --acct=1000
v2.phpsh Same as v0.phpsh using alpha level console comments. v2.phpsh /App/Entity/Name --quiet

AEX Explained


The name of the application installed under /usr/local/vnix/


A type, category or unstructured name given to a command or process. Excluding the entity will execute commands under the / Application// directory, which is used for uncategorized commands within the application. You may also use an // as the entity.


    /Application//Name is equivelant to /Application/_/Name


Name of the command under the application entity.


Switches can be added to the wAEX or cAEX if necessary.

Switch Description
–sw Permanent switch. Remembered in the branch.
~~sw Process switch. Not remembered in the branch.